ชื่อร้าน : Oonoshouten (大野商店)
รายการอาหาร : Shishamo Sushi, Shishamo soup, deep Fried Shishamo and Grilled Shishamo
เวลาเปิดบริการ : 9:00~17:00 Lunch, Open on sundays
ที่ตั้งร้าน : 2丁目42番地 Miyuki Mukawa Yufutsu-gun Hokkaido, Japan
พิกัด GPS : 42° 34′ 34.84″ N 141° 55′ 34.81″ E


Greetings, today is a special day because I am writing a review about seasonal menu in Hokkaido region. As I am writing the review in November, Shishamo is a very seasonal menu from Mukawa.

Shishamo is a fish species unique to Japan and only found along the Pacific Coast of Hokkaido. Normally, Shishamo are dried before transportation because they could lose their freshness quite quickly. In this special occasion, I have an opportunity to try some Shishamo sushi which is very rare to find.


After driving for two hours from Sapporo to Mukawa, we have arrived at the restaurant that focuses on Shishamo products. Then I ordered my meal using the vending machine which also have some photos of each menu imprinted on.



Shishamo Sushi set [with Shishamo soup and pickled vegetables] 1400 Yen

Normally, I have seen that Shishamo size is quite small and I am just surprised about the Shishamo Sushi. The texture is quite delicate and not too dry. Also, they have attached wasabi with the sushi for a little spicy kick.


The soup was kind of bland with some vegetables and not too salty. Pickled vegetables were nice for some side dishes.


[Spicy grilled Shishamo] 500 Yen

Not so spicy for Thai though, the texture of grilled shishamo is very nice which you can eat whole fish. However, they does have a little bitter taste around their neck.


[Deep fried Shishamo] 300 Yen

A little bit too oily for me. However, I thought that maybe a little sauce could reduce the oiliness and this dish could be a lot better.


They also sell some dried Shishamo for souvenir including their pickled vegetables if you like the taste. Overall, I am very satisfied with the trip and it is very special experiences for me to try this seasonal menu. Hope you all have a wonderful day or night and See you again on the next review.


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