Alexis Restaurant & Winebar

Restaurant: Alexis Restaurant & Winebar
Menu: Classic cheese fondue
Address: Niederdorfstrasse 40 | Niederdörfli, Zurich 8001, Switzerland
Business hours: 11am – 12pm

As I am in Switzerland, it is not a question whether to have fondue or not. The question is when and where to have this awesome bowl of melty cheese in Switzerland. I went to a restaurant in old town part for a fondue.


Classic Cheese Fondue

Wine, Cherry Grappa, Garlic & Seasoning

Melty cheese fondue on a rainy day seems to be a good combination. Proportion of bread seems to be large. Fondue taste kind of salty. I recommend having this set for two persons.


Jin-kyun wants some taste of fondue >_<

That’s all for this review. Personally, I think this is a great place for cheese fondue. See you later and hope you have a wonderful day 😊.


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