Cheese Owl


Starting my new year with unlimited cheese buffet in Korean restaurant located in SQ1 near BTS Siam station. The place provide two options of buffet as Silver and Gold package and of course I succumb to Gold option since Bingsu is in the option.


The main soup pot contains spicy Kimchi soup with outer pan for cheese and egg grilling.


Spicy seafood sauce and Korean sauce.


Australian beef


Spicy Salmon salad. Moderate spicy level ,but the salmon was not exceptionally fresh.


Unlimited cheese grilling with beef is quite a new experience for me. Grilled cheese is not too strong and bring harmony to the meal.


Fried chicken with cheese sauce was crispy and not too oily. Surprisingly, the chicken taste good and contrary to my visual. It’s quite an enjoyable greasy chicken.


Ending the meal with Bingsu is quite enjoyable. I still prefer Ovaltine and chesse side of Bingsu though. Overall meal cost about 500 THB which is quite a reasonable price to try out Korean food with unlimited amount of cheese.


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