Krua Kriang Nam


“Krua Kriang Nam” literally means Kitchen by the river in Thai language. The place clearly demonstrates river side ambiance with breeze near the Chaophraya river with some boat sailing around as an alternative choice of traveling in Thailand.


Stir fried Coconut shoot with shrimp and Thai Chili

Coconut shoot provide firm texture which supported by spiciness from chili and sweetness shrimp. Making a great combination with rice to relief spiciness.


Small Crab Somtum (Thai spicy papaya salad)

Somtum is an all-around dish with spiciness from chili, sourness from lime, saltiness from fish fermented sauce and sweetness. This dish exhibits how enjoyable Somtum should be.


Grilled River Shrimp

This is one of me personal favorite. The texture of shrimp are so firm and sweet. Topped with spicy seafood sauce. Then mix the shrimp oil from the head with rice and enjoy one of the most simple and delicious menu Chaopraya river could offer.


Fried frog legs

Pretty sure this menu might excite and freak some people out at the same time. I gotta admit that used to have the same feeling too. Then I tried one haha. The skin part are so crispy and the leg part have such high similarity to chicken firmness.



8 thoughts on “Krua Kriang Nam

    • That’s nice. There are many awesome place to visit in Bangkok.
      Do you have any specific type of travel (food/shopping/history)?
      Feel free to ask me info about Bangkok. Still I’m specialize in food mostly haha

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      • Food, always food :-). I have reservations for Nahm and Sra Bua by Kiin Kiin, but I’m interested to know some good street food places, especially something unusual for my blog.

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      • Street food are so easy find in Bangkok.
        China town in the evening are popular with tourist for variety of food type.
        Food court in Terminal 21 (Asoke) are a good choice for a break from Bangkok heat since it’s so freaking hot right now. Avoid noon since there’ll lots of office lunch break in that area. And for unusual, i think there are plenty haha

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