Eat Meats Fest


EAT MEATS FEST is a food festival mainly focus on Japanese style beef, pork and chicken menu. I had an opportunity to attend on Friday 8th, June 2018 which is the first day of event with not so crowded situation. The festival will be held on 8-10 June 2018.


The food price ranges from 15 THB to 499 THB. Starting with my first target, mountain roast beef don (199 THB) from Passion Orange. Serving with generous quantity of roast beef.


Normally, they serve this menu with dark savory sauce in Japan as far as I can remember. This time, they serve the menu in stew sauce with a side of dark savory sauce. The beef texture are soft and not too chewy with a sweetness from stew flavor making the menu more vibrant. Pretty much a good deal for this price with this quantity of beef.


Yakisoba meat roll from TAGOTO (100 THB). You can choose between beef or pork roll. I ordered beef and got 5 pieces of Yakisoba wrapped with beef. Beef gives juicy texture and Yakisoba brings flavors to the menu.


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