I have been collecting and painting Warhammer 40k for a long time. It’s a game of strategy miniatures which you control a army of human or aliens (Xenos). Finally discovered that there are a group of people playing in a cafe not too far from my area. Here’s some photos from my recent match. My army are Eldar by the way.


The match took some reasonable time which cranks up my appetite then me and my friends went for a Yakiniku place close to the cafe. The place provide buffet range from 399, 499, 599 and 1199 THB net. We went for 599 THB range in order to try some different menus.


They also provide choices of cooking instrument. Largest choices to choose as far as I know at the moment.


Starting with Aburi beef Nigiri, tender beef texture with light sweet sauce topped with Tobiko. Overall are enjoyable except that the rice are slightly cold.


Scallops Sushi are fresh and resulting in fresh sweetness. Similarly, rice are slightly cold as same as Beef Sushi.


Wagyu texture are impressive for this price range. Still the texture are tender and enjoyable.


Sweet Yakiniku sauce mixed with garlic and chili, beautiful and adds a lot of flavor.


Salmon Sashimi, I’ve gotta say that this is the most impressive quality of Salmon Sashimi I have ever had in a buffet line. Fresh and tender with little Shoyu and it’ll blow you away.


Fresh Scallops for Yakiniku. Good quality of Scallops, not a most suitable choice for Yakiniku because of heating though.


Awabi Sushi, chewy in a good way, the sauce are sweet and enjoyable too.


Ended my satisfying meal with Green tea ice cream.


4 thoughts on “Oranjii

  1. You’re lucky a cafe lets you take over a spot for mini’s. I play Magic the gathering and we can’t use restuarants during the summer (because the library is closed) without having to buy a full meal. Neither I nor my friend can afford to do that every week. We finally found a laundromat, of all places, that has some tables we can use. So that is cool you have a place to play AND that you found a group. Hope it keeps working out.

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      • Thankfully, the public library opens up again in September with the start of school, and that is free 🙂

        And the whole idea of a game cafe is pretty cool. I’m in too small of a town for something like that to ever take off but glad it appears to be owrking for you.

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      • I have the same situation when I was studying in Sapporo, Japan as the university is my only place to enjoy board game even it’s a pretty big town already. Glad September is just around the corner 🙂

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