Medici is one of the fine dining restaurant in my list from Tatler event. with Neo Industrial decorations. First impression the hotel muse gave you a calm and vibrant feeling. The scent of hotel are quite strong and unique compare to others hotel in Bangkok. I personally like the vibe of tranquility and stylish vibrant at a moderate degree.

Visited in lunch period which they serves 2-courses or 3-courses lunch set from appetizer, main course and desserts. Starting off with complimentary bread serves with balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

Complimentary bread basket – Also tiny tomato hiding in the bread too :3

Followed by Local mud crab & Tomato Cannelloni – Sturgeon Caviar, Avocado mousse and Fried Lasagna. Fried Lasagna is actually a menu they provide in exclusively in catering menu that I got a chance to tried and love it! They prepare the meal per request so make sure you request for it before appointment to avoid disappointment.

Fried Lasagna – Profiterole, Parmesan Panna cotta, Sun dried tomato, balsamic vinegar, tomato sauce.

I had mistaken thought that the cheese would be coarse in my first encounter which turns out that this Lasagna could be so amazing in alternative form as the cheese are smooth and enjoyable with sourness and sweetness from other components.

Local mud crab & Tomato Cannelloni – Sturgeon Caviar, Avocado mousse
The harmony of this plate are just perfectly executed as fantastic and colorful way to start a meal.
Happy pig in the garden & Stuffed Chicken Breast
Happy pig in the garden – Joe Sloane’s pork tenderloin, grilled pork belly, cumin jus

Grilled pork belly are perfectly executed with a little sear on top to give a touch of crispiness followed by juicy texture of inner part. Tenderloin, baby potato and cumin jus are good. however, the best thing in the plate is still that Grilled pork belly. Probably the best aspect of the meal.

Stuffed chicken breast – Chicken leg confit. foie gras ravioli, truffle cream

Chicken breast are wrapped with bacon and the size is fillings and tender for a breast. Ravioli are delicate but the fillings are still a bit lacking of flavor.

Chocolate Brownie – brownie, roasted white chocolate.

There is a playful detail in this dessert that they included popping components in the chocolate so your desserts will end with a real popping which is quite fun for me. The chocolate are well balanced between bitterness and sweetness.

Tiramisu – fantastic cream texture


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