Ministry of Crab

The Ministry of Crab, a Sri Lankan restaurant institution, led by Chef Dharshan Munidasa(#25 Asia’s 50 Best 2018), cricket legends; Mahela Jayawardene; Kumar Sangakkara. Recently opened from 1st of December for dinner, My foodie instinct told me to book the table and went for this famous Sri Lanka originated restaurant.

Arriving around appointment time around 18:00 on 5th day of grand opening. Guest are arriving fast. Vibrant decoration on 1st floor. I was seated on 1st floor and did not take any peek at 2nd. Maybe next time then.

The menu range from famous Chili, pepper, curry, Garlic Chili or even butter crab. Size and availability of crab and shrimp are displayed by glowing crab shell on the decoration. Their constitution showing crab size start from 500 g to prevent under grown sized crab from being served.

Before starting the meal, waiter/waitress ask for a permission to provide you with a lap apron with apron. Apron are for one time used and you could bring it back home as a souvenir. Just don’t forget to wash it first if there are any spot from eating those yummy crab.

Crab liver pate (20 g) served with Melba toast and syrup

First of all, love that tiny beaker. Probably the smallest on I have ever encountered. Second of all, forget all extremely strong crab liver odor. I am not a big fan of crab liver sushi however, this one is just insanely good with a not too sweet syrup. A perfect appetizer indeed.

As my table consist of only 2 persons, we went for a medium (up to 800g) curry crabs served in a pot. I had observed that there are variety of crab that were served on plate too depends on your order. Crab quality are absolute fresh with insane amount of natural sweetness. Curry style remains different from what Chinese style curry crab with lots of egg and sweetness from seasoning. This curry crab are more packs a punch curry style with a dip of juicy Garlic bread to crack up enjoyable moment. I think the price are reasonable for the freshness of crab on the menu.

Chicken curry rice served with Pol Sambol, fried egg and Kade bread.

This soft and cooked to perfection chicken curry are spicy even matching Thai’s standard so that is a good sign with a punch of curry. Combining with Pol Sambol, Fried egg and Kade bread to ease spiciness. Pol Sambol is also refreshing light texture.

Complimentary Coconut Crème Brûlée

As the only dessert on the menu which they are planning to expand further in the future, aromatic coconut Crème Brûlée is a good way to complete this wonderful meal. The texture are enjoyable at first however, a little bit too creamy about half a way. I had also comment regarding this point to the waitress.

In conclusion, the restaurant service are smooth as for first week of opening as the staff are attentive and knowledgeable for their menu . It is also interesting to have a little chat with Jay (General Manager) and to see our wish list from Sri Lanka arrive before we even visit their original branch. I would say the place is well worth the experience.


12 thoughts on “Ministry of Crab

      • International oriented, Neilson Hays (A local library in Bangkok) just has a book sale for English books and I had grabbed some books. Just a curiosity on printed books and local books because I has just discussed with my friend that holding a book is classic and I grew up reading and seeing your collection grows just gave you an amazing feeling. In contrary, digital books are compact and so easy to travel with. What do you think?

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      • I agree with you about the difference between physical and digital books.

        My problem is that I’ve been collecting hardcover books for over 20 years and now I’m starting to get rid of them because either my tastes have changed or the print is too small or I just never plan on re-reading them. At least with digital books they don’t take up space. And moving? I live up on the 3rd floor, so when I eventually move, I’ll have to move ALL those physical books, blah.

        One good thing about paper books though is that they’re not affected by the cold. It’s winter here and we have about 40cm of snow on the ground. since I work outside, my kindle couldn’t handle the sub-freezing temps, but a paper book I just throw in my backpack and read it at lunch time!

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      • . We did even discussed that my generation grow up with a nostalgia on a physical books so we are more used to a tangible copy and a feeling that reading a book is different from reading a screen that is more eye-intense. Good to learn about paper book advantage in the snow too!

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      • Back on the food topic.

        How are restaurants about you bringing in a camera and taking pictures and stuff? You always seem to get pictures of the staff smiling so I’m assuming either you’re a good salesman or that they genuinely like that kind of thing.

        Do they consider it free advertising?

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      • Well, as I clearly stated when I try out new places that I went as a hobby and paid by myself. I love the idea that I could express my experience without a limitations if the food and experience was good or bad. I also enjoy about learning how restaurant and people behind all the system so it’s good to actually talk to them and see how things are running. Most of the time I met with staff that’s passionate about their job so they’re smiling and you can see from their actions, those vibe illuminate. And yes it’s free advertising as far as I understand lol

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      • Well, all I can say is keep up the good work. I see pictures of food that I’ll never try (to be honest, I probably wouldn’t even want to try) but I really like getting a feel for another part of the world. Without all that messy “travel” part 🙂

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