Broccoli Revolution

This is probably my first blog on a Vegan restaurant. I had tried some Vegan places before with Vegan burger, Tempeh and Hummus. Still, it has to be something revolutionary to write about and here it is. A restaurant with revolution on its name which I found lots of interesting gimmick.

First of all, the ambiance when you step in are just calm are refreshing. Roof interior are translucent with a dynamic shift from warm tone of sunlight to shade of cooler tone. This just add dynamic aspect to photography experience which I do not mind the challenge.

Since I just visit for a light breakfast, I went for a Cauliflower Dynamite Maki which is a exclusive for this branch and Limade (Lemonade from Lime as they claim). They already have three branches in Bangkok as far as I wrote this blog.

Cauliflower Dynamite Maki [Brown rice Sushi with Carrot, Avocado, Asparagus, Chickpea, spicy Cauliflower and Soya pearls] I just love the idea that Vegan Sushi could be colorful and enjoyable at the same time. Seasoning remains on a bit light with an option of Soy sauce and Wasabi per individual preference. Seaweed are also fried and provides a crunchy support texture.

This Limade is probably one of the most condensed sour Limade in restaurant which I would say it is a reasonable price for 80 THB per glass of Limade. The straw are just made of glass though. It is quite scary to think if someone chewed the straw too hard.

Overall, I would say this place is an eye-broadening experience as a Vegan curious try out. I would say the ambiance are also nice for a slow brunch or a good lunch too.


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