31 Degrees by Kad Kokoa

Imagine a place where cocoa and chocolate could be implemented into every menu in a restaurant from drinks, desserts, salads, cocktails and even main course. But there is more, they also included cocoa pod, beans and cocoa juice which could be rarely seen even in a booming period of cocoa in Bangkok. After seeing a blog from The Cloud, I rushed to find out how this idea could be materialized.

Stepping into a seclude area in Sukhumvit 31 as the location and 31 degree Celsius as a crucial final temperature of chocolate production process. 31 degree defines itself as a Bistronomy (Bistro+ Gastronomy) which reflect in their menu of playful culinary experiences. The staff are extremely friendly and also bilingual.

Fried local fish with cocoa pickled veggies. Fresh and crispy fish texture. Still I could felt just a small roles of cocoa in pickled veggies though.

Time for some sweet treat! I went for Chocolate praline rocher and Pineapple chocolate tart.

Pineapple chocolate tart. Curious about how they approach this particular dessert. The chocolate texture are delicate supported by a moderate sweet and sour pineapple resulted in an enjoyable dessert.

Chocolate praline rocher cake are also a yummy treat. I am quite excited about the possibility of this bistronomy in the future and looking forward for a revisit to explore their future bistronomy experiment.

A little visit to Mensho Tokyo Signature Tori Paitan Ramen.


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