Located in a hidden alley around Talat Noi area. Charmgang stand as a bold and cozy curry shop nearby oxygen cylinder and factory related Mom-and-Pop shop in the neighborhood. Charmgang translated to bowl of curry/soup in Thai language which they also expands to Canapé, stir-fried and exciting desserts in their well-curated menu.

Ambiance and décor stays in a warm and friendly tone which perfectly align with staff super-friendly and experienced level of service.

Canapé – blue swimmer/blue crab Wafer

A generous amount of blue crab with a choice of do it yourself fillings to your pleasure. A refreshing and perfect Canapé to start the meal with sweetness from blue crab.

Stir-fried Wagyu Beef with Basil

The presentation might not be crazy or close. Texture and execution wise, Wagyu texture remains on the soft and enjoyable side supported by hot and spicy young pepper with sweetness of onions kind of justify why this menu is one of their best seller.

Hot and sour shrimp paste soup with Tiger prawn

Medium level of spiciness and a refreshing soup indeed. Shrimp paste are well-balanced with a fresh and sweet Tiger prawn. When it gets too spicy, the staff will provide you with a mystery yet effective solution for spiciness.

Thai Canale with coconut sugar

Custard Apple in Coconut syrup with Coconut biscuit

First of all, break coconut biscuit into little pieces then enjoy the sweet and cool treat together. In the right was “Forgot to swallow” in Thai which hinted as “So delicious you forgot to swallow “

Basque Taro cake with salted egg drop and south mango ginger with toasted coconut ice cream

Immensely surprising desserts indeed! Basque cake are instead sour instead of usual sweet flavor that you can find everywhere. Complimented with crunchy taro and sweet and salty salted egg resulted in an intriguing dessert.



Modern Thai desserts modernization trend has been going on for some period with a recently WaanThai (Waan = Sweet and Thai word combination) under R-Haan brand as 2 Michelin stars restaurant. Located in Thonglor 9, Taxi or personal car would be a more ideal mode of transportation.

Immerse in teal Thai decorations, WaanThai seems to be a perfect place to hang out for Thai style brunch with creative desserts with your friends/family. Shout out too all super-friendly and impeccable service from the staff too.

Lamun (Signature mocktail)

First time I have ever seen Jackfruit in a drink which pairs well with Foi-thong as a snacks. Flavor combination are moderately sweet topped with gold leaf for that luxurious effect.

Pad Kra Pow Thai Wagyu Beef with Sous Vide Duck egg

First of all, gotta love that bold presentation. Thai wagyu are served with balanced level of lean and fatty portion of the meat resulting in enjoyable spicy Kra pow with juicy beef texture.

Dara Thong

Dara Thong are traditional Thai sweets which is rarely seen due to delicate process consisting of base, watermelon seed and crown part. Dara Thong are often seen as a gift for position promotion occasion.

Modernized Mango sticky rice

Eye catching form of Mango sticky rice. The middle mango form are Mango parfait with supporting roles of sweet and sour combination of sticky rice and burnt coconut milk.


Located nearby China town and Hualamphong area of Bangkok. Contento will shift your mood from old town of Bangkok to southern Italy for Amalfi Lemon extravaganza in a heartbeat! As soon as I heard about their limited-time festival, I rushed to experience this exciting event at an instant.

I am quite excited by plenty of lemons on display which is a good sign that they are dedicated about this festival. Feeling grateful for this event for the reason that there has been a lot less similar event in recent years. Until this one came along and spark my festive spirit again.

Amalfi lemon as the name suggested are originated from Amalfi Coast. Amalfi lemon are good to use for cooking and baking because of their flavor and lack of seeds with a distinct zest. The Italian name—Sfusato Amalfitano—refers to the fruit’s tapered shape which is different than rounder lemon varieties in Italy.

Starting off with refreshing homemade lemon & Thyme soda lemon jelly.

Followed with burnt Caesar with burnt cos lettuce, caper and anchovy dressing topped with pan-fried pancetta. I am not suite accustomed to burnt cos lettuce texture though. Still a fresh way to start a meal with a sip of lemon sparkling water.

Porcini croquette – Lava croquettes porcini mushroom + Jamon Iberico Joselito Reserva

Creamy porcini mushroom fillings with minimal seasoning are well-blended with salty Iberico Ham as a perfect small bites.

Truffle Parpapdelle – wild Porcini and seasonal mushroom, cream of truffle reduction.

A not too creamy truffle pasta. Did selected their recommended pasta variety. Flavor are quite enjoyable without being too salty.

Lemon curd cake – Light and zesty curd cake with fluffy texture with balance of sourness and sweetness. A perfect way to end this lemon festive meal.

A little surprise, can you guess where the water are flowing out?

Ta-daa! Gotta love their creative and fun way of decoration.