Xin Hotpot

One of the most famous Mala Shabu spot in Taiwan. All you can eat for lunch cost around 700 TWD per person. One thing to remember is they accept only cash.

Mala soup are more on higher degree of intensity which is perfect for people with numbing spiciness level. Good ingredients quality. Beef, pork, seafood and veggies are fresh.

Plus there’s a Movenpick and comfy sofa too. 


Yang Ming Shan National Park

Start my Yang Ming Shan trip with Qing tian gang grassland on an amazing clear sky day. What a great way to start my day with such a beautiful and vibrant scenery. Ohh and beware of buffalo if you step on grass area. 

Leng Shui Keng although translated into English as cold water pit, the hot springs at Lengshuikeng are still quite hot, albeit cooler than others in the area, making visiting the area great for those curious about hot springs without siting in 40°C water.

Xiao You Keng is a beautiful scenery as post-volcanic geological landscape area.

Stop for a lunch break at Miau Ban garden. Ferns & Steamed Fish – Both menu are local delicacy. Extremely fresh and sweet fish. Fern texture are quite interesting. Not much seasoning though


Gudetama cafe are closed. I am kind of disappointed. Ended up having dinner at Din Tai Fung instead. The food are just amazing and their service are on point.

Jiufen & Ding Wang Hot Pot

Jiu Fen is one of the most famous tourist attraction in Taiwan nowadays. Famous from an inspired scene from Studio Ghibli Spirited Away. As I traverse around Jiu Fen street with colorful side vendors, it is more enjoyable with Spirited Away soundtrack in my head.

Stopped to take a tea break with Skyline tea house opposite to famous A Mei tea house. Their menu of beef noodles are enjoyable with fragrant tea by the sea view on a clear sky day. What a lovely scenery.

Exquisite Shabu Mala style. Ding Wang is more like a family celebration kind of restaurant rather than all you can eat style shabu place. Mala soup was not too numb for my taste. Amazing A5 Wagyu quality. Not so extensive menu but well executed quality.