Zum Kropf

Restaurant: Zum Kropf
Menu: Kalbsbradwurst Rosti
Address: In Gassen 16 | 8001, Zurich 8001, Switzerland
Business hours: 11.30 am – 23.00 pm

Zum Kropf located in Gassen 16 and could be traced back to the Middle Ages as the first mention name “Zum Kropf” in 1444. The place has course has been changed from mayor house to spice shop. At the present, Zum Kropf holds a place as a well-known restaurant in Zurich.


Quoted from Zum Kropf website

“The beer hall is the restaurant’s showpiece. At the centre is a powerful “Corinthian” pillar, plastered in stucco marble. The wall panelling is interrupted by two large mirrors, which have lavish baroque frames. Stretching across them is a fresco depicting cheerful cherubs, singing frogs, musical monkeys, and lively drinking buddies. The vault is ornamented with Hermes figures and “culinary emblems”– a cornucopia of vegetables, crabs, and tortoises – indicating a rich banquet of food. A stained glass window integrated in the hall’s painted stucco ceiling is characteristic for interiors of the epoch. The rear hall is designed in a simpler fashion, attaining its rhythmic structure from three wood pillars.”


In my opinion, this restaurant is an amazing opportunity to enjoy good food and artistic value at the same time.


Kalbsbradwurst Rosti


Bradwurst texture is firm and juicy as expected from Zurich standard cuisine influenced by German food because of the location.  The sauce is also well-seasoned.


Rosti is crispy but burnt in the bottom.


Then I traveled to Lakeside Zurich to enjoy get some breeze.


That’s all for this review. Personally, I think this pack combines beautiful ambiance and delicious food. See you later and hope you have a wonderful day 😊.


Alexis Restaurant & Winebar

Restaurant: Alexis Restaurant & Winebar
Menu: Classic cheese fondue
Address: Niederdorfstrasse 40 | Niederdörfli, Zurich 8001, Switzerland
Business hours: 11am – 12pm

As I am in Switzerland, it is not a question whether to have fondue or not. The question is when and where to have this awesome bowl of melty cheese in Switzerland. I went to a restaurant in old town part for a fondue.


Classic Cheese Fondue

Wine, Cherry Grappa, Garlic & Seasoning

Melty cheese fondue on a rainy day seems to be a good combination. Proportion of bread seems to be large. Fondue taste kind of salty. I recommend having this set for two persons.


Jin-kyun wants some taste of fondue >_<

That’s all for this review. Personally, I think this is a great place for cheese fondue. See you later and hope you have a wonderful day 😊.

Sweets in Zurich


Here’s my short reviews about street sweets that could be easily found on the street of Zurich. One of my favorite aspect in Zurich is the availability of public chairs which I could get any awesome Gelato and conveniently hop on the chair and start enjoying yummy Gelato.


Luxemburgerli from Confiserie Sprüngli

Cripsy and melt in your mouth.


Starting with Gelato from the famous Movenpick. I selected Swiss chocolate flavor and the texture were delicate with choc chips to make things more interesting.


Chocolate gelato from Max chocolate (Globus HB)

The texture of Gelato are more thick compared to Movenpick. It also provide fresh and strong flavor of chocolate.


Gelato from 10′ dieci

This is one of the most packed chocolate Gelato I’ve ever tasted. Personally, I think it’s too thick. However, if you’re chocolate big fan I’m certain that this Gelato is a must when visit Zurich.


That’s all for this review. Personally, I think Zurich contain variety of Gelato which suits different types of chocolate lover from soft and tender to hardcore Chocodevil. See you later and hope you have a wonderful day 😊.



My journey to mountain Uetliberg started with a train from Zurich HB station. The train takes about 30 minutes to Uetilberg station.


Passed through a hospital on my way. Such a scenery view. At first I thought the building was a hotel.


When I arrived at the look-out tower, there are some error on the automatic gate and I waited about 15 minutes by strolling around until the problem were fixed. The entry cost 2 CHF.


Personally, the view are so beautiful and I love Zurich city planning for such a wonderful view of the town.


The wind intensity on the top of tower is also strong when I visited. Some might call that “romantic” and I see a lot of couples around.


Personally, I think Uetilberg is one of the most memorable place when I visited Zurich. See you later and hope you have a wonderful day 😊.

Sternen Grill

Restaurant: Sternen Grill
Menu: St. Galler Bratwurst & Gold Bürli
Address: Theaterstrasse 22 | Bellevue, Zurich 8001, Switzerland
Business hours: 10:30 AM – 11:45 PM



Switzerland are well known for high living quality which also comes with a higher cost when it comes to food. Today, I will write about local food and possibly comfort food with reasonable price in Zurich. Located in southern part of town near tram station.


I have arrived at the place near 8 PM. The place is crowded with people which means a very good sign. This restaurant is famous for their St. Galler Bratwurst and most of Bratwurst cost around 7-15 CHF which is still reasonable price in Zurich.


St. Galler Bratwurst texture seems to be quite overcooked on the outside. However, the first bite provided firm and juicy texture with beautiful seasoning that makes me wants another bite. This is one of the best Bratwurst I have ever had so far.


Crusty Bürli bread roll is also good combination with St. Galler Bratwurst.


That’s all for this review. Personally, I think this is one of the best place in Zurich for Bratwurst. I strongly recommend if you visit Zurich. See you later and hope you have a wonderful day 😊.

Le Dezaley

Restaurant: Le Dezaley
Menu: Zürcher Geschnetzeltes
Address: Roemergasse 7/9, Zurich 8001, Switzerland
Business hours: 11.30am-2pm – 6pm-9pm

Ever wondered apart from fondue and chocolate, are there any other famous delicacy in Switzerland? I have the same question when looking through information. Luckily, I bumped into a recipe that could be traced back to Zurich in 1947 and managed to find a place that serve the dish near Grossenmünsters.


Passed through Zurich museum between renovation gave me a feeling of contrast between past and future.


I arrived at the place around 6 PM. Seems like I have arrived a bit early as other customer arrived shortly after me. The place looks wonderful and the staff are friendly and gave me a lot of suggestion. One thing I could notice about different suggestion style in Japan and Swiss is that in Switzerland they would ask you first what kind of food you prefer therefore they could recommend based on your preference. I finally landed on Zürcher Geschnetzeltes which is slice meat(veal) Zurich style.


The staff also informed me that I would get big portion and they would split in two servings for me (Yay! more food)


Zürcher Geschnetzeltes with Rösti
Left side is Zürcher Geschnetzeltes and right side is Rösti. Zürcher Geschnetzeltes texture is creamy and the texture of veal are so soft and seasoning is well-balance.

Rösti is a potato fritter originate from Bern, Switzerland and now is one of the most famous dish in Switzerland. The texture is crispy, I did enjoyed pairing Rösti with Zürcher Geschnetzeltes as combination of soft creamy and crispiness.


Second serving


After I finished the wonderful meal, I walked around and enjoyed an evening near Zurich lake with a cool breeze. I gotta say this town is so enchanting in the night.


That’s all for this review. Personally, I think this is a great choice to try Zurich originate meal in a convenient location. See you later and hope you have a wonderful day 😊.