Cafe Schober

Restaurant: Café Schober
Menu: Chocolate cake
Address: Napfgasse 4, Zurich 8001, Switzerland

Business hours:      Monday to Wednesday 8.00am – 7.00pm

Thursday to Saturday 8.00am – 11.00pm

Sunday 9.00am – 7.00pm



Switzerland are well-known for artistic skills of chocolate crafting. That’s what I had in mind when strolling in Old Town (Altstadt) part in Zurich as my I venture through many cafes and vendors. Finally, I found café Schober as outside of café were packed with people at 3 PM. That is a good sign of a good café.


I went into café and ask for the recommend menu of the café and ordered the chocolate cake with creamy chocolate fillings. Honestly, it is such a tough choice to choose between these yummy looking desserts T_T


Then I headed to second floor of the café with a classic style decoration.


The consistency of the cake is perfect. Not too dry and not too fragile. The level of sweetness and bitterness of cocoa is insanely good. Creamy filling also improves my satisfaction on cake. I enjoyed this cake till last piece of this amazing dessert.


After I finished my dessert break, I went strolling in old town and visited Kunsthaus (The Museum for Modern Art in Zurich) for “The Gates of Hell” bronze sculpture by Auguste Rodi. The bronze sculpture is a vision of the afterlife inspired by Dante’s Inferno from the “Divina Commedia”. I did spend some time to enjoy the moment around the place. Quite an amazing sculpture in my opinion.


That’s all for this review. Personally, I think the café and Kunsthaus in a good choice for Zurich old town strolling. See you later and hope you have a wonderful day 😊.



Rolli’s Steakhouse Oerlikon

Restaurant: Rolli’s Steakhouse Oerlikon
Menu: Rib eye steak
Address: Schaffhauserstrasse 352, Zurich 8050, Switzerland
Business hours: 9:00 AM – 11:30 PM



Hello, I have just recently traveled to Zurich, Switzerland in September. The season is kind of little bit chilly. Zurich is a wonderful town and I just love the beautiful city planning. My trip started with a Steakhouse located near Oerlikon station.


I arrived at the restaurant around noon. At first, there were only couples of peoples in the place which later got crowded soon. Decoration seems like as US style steakhouse.


Then I got the food menu in English and go for a rib eye steak however, they do not have an English menu for beverage. Luckily, the waitress recommended me some menu in English and I went for a sparkling water.


Salad comes with a choice of Italian and French dressing. I chose Italian and salad dressing was sour which I found very appetizing for next course.


Mediocre bread, nothing special.


Ta-daaaa! My steak was served with hot plate (or rocks?) with 3 sauces, french fries and pineapple. The top plate is hotter in case you want to continuing cooking your steak and bottom plate is for eating.


Moderate amount of potato chips. Not too oily.


I have selected the streak because they claimed it is local beef from Switzerland. As I ordered medium rare, they perfected my request and the texture was so juicy. On the contrary, seasonal seems to be too heavy on the salt which adding sauce could balance the taste to good harmony.


That’s all for this review. Personally, I think this is a great choice for a steakhouse in Zurich. See you later and hope you have a wonderful day 😊.