The Moon under Water

Bangkok is a huge blending pot of various culture and cuisine from all around the world. I had just recently tried Jamaican and Ethiopian food which are so exotic and exciting. I love to try out food from different places just to have a sneak peak before traveling to each country in order to better prepare myself. Russia cuisine has been elusive in Bangkok for a while. I finally rush to try out Russian food as soon as I have acknowledged recently opened in Phrakanong area.

Located on second floor. The ambiance are quite lovely are perfect for spending slow a quiet afternoon.

Prop corner with Russian style hat to try out.

The menu are quite compact with main menu and special menu on Chalk board. I ordered A Taste of beet and Pelmeni with a complimentary Rye bread.

A Taste of Beets – Russian Borscht soup – chicken and pork base soup

Beetroot soup are well-known cuisine among Russian food. The base of soup contains chicken and pork base which plays a huge role in flavor. Beetroot, carrot and potatoes are fresh and provide insanely good vibe for the soup with playful sourness. Perfect appetizing menu!

Rye bread with mustard – Amazing texture and perfect with Beetroot soup
Pelmeni – Hand knead dumplings with Pork & Beef

Boiled dumplings usually contains thicker skins in order to prevent dumplings from popping in boiling process. The thickness of this dumplings are appropriate with juicy flavorful fillings.


Fowlmouth is a Nashville style spicy fried chicken. Nashville, Tennessee are famous for hot & crispy fried chicken. Located in recently opened community space in Sukhumvit 11. Some neighbors shops are still under renovation at my visit.

The ambiance are vibrant and playful. I like the idea that decoration suits the hot & spicy fried chicken theme. The staffs could communicate in English fluently since Sukhumvit area are so familiar with expats.

Restroom decoration “It’s still Hot on the way out”
The view opposite to Cali-Mex Bar & Grill

The menu consists of Fried chicken(Of course!), burgers, snacks, sauces and variety of side dishes. I ordered Chicken tenders set [220 THB] with Pimento Mac & Cheese with Mississippi Comeback Sauce as recommended sauce. I also order extra wings [+50 THB] and curly fries [95 THB] to satisfy my craving for calories. Then I selected medium level for spiciness, I felt that it is too mild for my tongue, next time I wold go for stronger level.

The aromatic of chicken is just mouthwatering. Chicken is crispy on the outside but not too oily at all. Inner is still juicy.
Mac & Cheese and Mississippi Comeback Sauce are still too mild for my taste.
Curly Fries are well fried. The problem is too small quantity (personal preference lol)
Yummy chicken wings

Jamaican Eatz

Bangkok has officially embraced Summer and it is a wonderful season of sunny day and outdoor experience. I am so excited when I see info about recently opened Jamaican cuisine in W district which is a open space with variety of street vendors to choose from. I have not experienced Jamaica cuisine before. It sounds like a summer sunny chilling kind of food you could enjoy by the beach.

The menu are quite simple with combos of coconut rices, pie, roti, island bean soup, bananas, coleslaw and desserts. I went for a combo plates without banana [280 THB].

The food is served with and extra mini beef pie [40 THB]

Chicken roti are just wonderful. Little sourness just to keep appetizing and some spiciness. Coconut rice texture enchanted with slim coconut odor.

Coleslaw are a decent side dishes. Island bean soup hangs on sweeter kind of soup which is quite a dessert I think.

Chicken and beef pie with BBQ sauce texture are packed with fillings. However, the pastry seems to be too thick for my preference.

After finishing with Jamaican cuisine, my appetizing are still present which I found out a simple Samurai diner serving Karaage chicken (Crispy & Juicy Japanese fried chicken)

The price of chicken are quite reasonable and personally I found that it is one of the best drinking snacks.

I ordered thigh Karaage which came out perfectly juicy and well cooked without any uncooked red meat at all. The texture are overall crispy and perfectly seasoned.

The ambiance are Japanese previous era Yoshoku with Black & White TV and antiques. The waitress are attentive and friendly.

Ended up ordering second order which is so worth it!