Tuang Dim Sum


Starting my lazy day brunch with reasonable price Dim Sum in Charoenkrung area. I arrived around noon and the place are packed with people.


Steamed spring rolls with red pork fillings texture are firm and seasoning were well-balance.


Fried chopped Taro (left) The fillings are consistent and covering flour texture are crispy.  Fried sticky rice (Right) is one of the most enjoyable plate in this meal with sticky outer part and chewy inside.


Ha Gaw could reflect skill and quality of dim sum place as the flour are quite sophisticate to master and this place provide satisfying texture of Ha Gaw flour. Shrimp fillings are fresh and well-seasoned.


Xiao Long Bao for 40 THB is one of the cheapest I have ever came across. The texture were standard but not a memorable one.


Overall, the place is quite nice for a reasonable price Dim Sum in Charoenkrung area. I would still suggest avoiding rush hour since the place are quite chaotic and the seat are quite limited.