Buster’s Fish & Chips

Bangkok weather has been on a rainy side lately which is a perfect for some simple Fish & Chips meal. Buster has just opened August 2020 and I am eager to visit the place to see how these hype are holding up.

Located in Phrom Pong area, their menu are listed from variety of Fish & Chips from Cod, Haddock, Halibut and Snapper. Apart from Snapper, other fishes are imported and frozen. There are also pie, sides dishes and desserts.

Since I would like to try a more tender and light texture. I went with Cod Fish & Chips [330 THB net without any charges] No charge is a pretty much big meal around here so that’s a good sign. For a choice of sauce I went with Tar Tar sauce.

First of all, amazing portion of Fish & chips for the price. These chips are one of the best chips I had around here, crispy with a decent amount of satisfying texture.

They also provide malt vinegar, ketchup, salt and peppers for seasoning. After a careful consideration, I realized that Fish & chips are good in their simple way. However, a similar Thai Fried snapper/ Sea bass with spicy and sour sauce are just so hard to beat when it comes to the flavors. So there is a time for each menu to shine in a different ways.

Cod’s texture are light and enjoyable. Still it is a little bit flaky too. Their beer batter are crispy yet not too oily. Would love to try out other fish in the future.

The Chop


Recently visited Helix zone in Emquartier which feels like a spiral tower full of cuisine path for me. The Chop offers all you can eat option for 399+ THB (427 THB net) in Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Drinks are not included. Choice varies from line buffet and cooked per order main course.


Mozzarella sticks

Good amount of cheese. Not so melting though.


Duck Confit

Interesting sauce flavor. Crispy skin could be tinker with a little bit more crispiness. Still a very satisfying plate.


Fish & Chips

Crispy and not too oiliness. Well-balance flavor.


Prime Angus Tenderloin (200 g)

Beautiful presentation. Juicy and succulent texture with balance seasoning. One of the most impressive Tenderloin I’ve ever had in Bangkok.


Prime Angus Striploin & Ribeye (300 g)

Both steaks are impressive in both flavor and texture. Seems like they know how to cook a good steak. I’ll probably visit again when my crave for good steak appears.


Line buffet

Tender pork ribs. Still, not to juicy and some sauce would make the plate better.


Finished my meal with New York cheesecake, brownies and chocolate ice cream. In my opinion, the place did provided reasonable meal choice with quality food. Would love to visit this place again.