Thonglor Nihon Ichiba


Celebrating national holiday in Thailand with a cozy day. I’ve managed to visit newest Japan fish market in Thong Lor area around 11 AM which is a little bit early for the market to open. (Open for wholesale from 8 AM and individual customer from 12AM and closed on Tuesday) I’ve decided to grab a early lunch with a nearby Panini place, Panini Mafia.


The menu ranges from Panini(Italian sandwich), Salad and Pasta. Panini price ranges from 160-210 THB. I’ve ordered Sausage Kra Pow with Mayo sauce since they’ve ran out of Spicy pesto sauce. It’s such a pity since I’m curious to try spicy Panini lol.


Panini bread might seems stiff however, they are quite soft and satisfying. The bread provide airy & smooth texture combined with well-seasoned Italian sausage, fried eggs and Mayo sauce resulting in one of the most enjoyable experience.


After finished with my meal, I’ve proceed to Nihon Ichiba which was starting to be packed with customer. Before shopping, customer have to start a membership of 200 THB which will be refunded to buy product inside the market. Presentation pattern of fruits remind me of some drawing similar to supermarket back in Japan with choices of Apple, Tomato, grapes, Melon, Peach and etc.


Square watermelon for a luxurious experience.


Fresh seafood zone provide impressive choices of seafood.


With some consideration, I’ve managed to grab A4 Wagyu for a nostalgia meal.


Oyster, Scallops and Sea Urchin.


Fresh Wasabi (Nama Wasabi)


Personally, I think this market is an interesting choice for Japanese ingredient shopping. The price are a little bit high yet reasonable and worth a visit if you wanna add a new color to your cooking experience.


Restaurant: Narikura(ナリクラ)
Menu: Tonkatsu set
Address: 1-32-11 Takadanobaba , Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Ozawa Building Underground 1F
Business hours:
[Moon, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday]
From 2 June 2017, it will be from
11: 00-13: 30 (LO)
night 17: 30-20: 00 (LO)
Location: Tokyo, Japan

Hello, today I’m going to review one of the highest ranking Tonkastu specialist in Tokyo. In fact, this restaurant holds the first ranking of Tonkatsu from Tabelog ranking in Tokyo.

Located in basement of mysterious building in Takadanobaba area, it could be one of the most elusive restaurant if you were just passing by in the street.

After waiting in queue for 30 minutes, I was greeted and seated with my excitement at peak. I have observed that kitchen system is well-organized with aroma of crunchy Tonkatsu flying around.


I ordered special Tonkatsu with 3cm thickness :0


Here comes my special Tonkatsu set. Compare the size of Tonkatsu and chopstick for scale.


The texture of Tonkatsu is just amazing. Little pink inside with fluffy and crunchy cutlet. The first bite comes with a juiciness of pork and balanced-seasoning. No Tonkatsu sauce and additional seasoning required. Just beautiful.


Miso soup (Misoshiru) packs harmony of flavor and little chunk of pork.


That is all for this review. Personally, I enjoyed the quality of Tonkatsu and reasonable waiting time. However, the location is quite far from popular tourist attraction and might not be ideal for tight schedule traveler. See you later and hope you have a wonderful day 😊.


Restaurant: Tempura Nakasei (天麩羅 中清)
Menu: Assorted Tempura set
Address: 1-39-13 Asakusa Taito Tokyo
Business hours:
11: 30 ~ 15: 00 17: 00 ~ 22: 00
[Saturday, Sunday, Holidays] 11: 30 ~ 20: 00
Location: Tokyo, Japan



Greetings, today I am going to write about a Tempura restaurant with a long history since 1870. That’s about 147 years as I am writing. Let’s take a look at this ancient restaurant in Asakusa area.


English menu also available


I have arrived around noon and got seated right away. Cool air conditioner compared to crazy hot temperature outside.


Assorted Tempura set
Containing two shrimps, whiting, Conge eel, Kakiage with rice and soup
At first glance, Tempura texture are not oily at all. Harmony of crispiness with moderate sweetness from the sauce makes a divine taste. Dipping sauce in this restaurant also does not leave a little bad aftertaste which is very impressive for me. Overall, this is one of the best Tempura with fresh and balance flavor.


Kakiage is a combination of shrimp and whiting with Tempura batter also have sweet and crispy flavor. Similarly, shrimp, whiting and Conge eel have the sweetness and cripsiness.


That’s all for this review. Personally, I think this is an amazing choice for legendary Tempura choice in Asakusa area with 100+ year history with convenient location in famous tourist attraction.