Rodfai Seafood


It’s summer in Thailand and I’m going to enjoy my vacation at the beach Woo hoo! Photos are taken from Wan Vayla, Hua Hin (2-3 hours drive from Bangkok) with more than sufficient sunlight in the photos. Jumping into the pool to avoid heat is one of the best feeling ever >_<


ROD FAI seafood is a restaurant located in Hua Hin walking street. They also provide English menu and could communicate in English. The staff are friendly too.


My main target is lobster and here we go!


Garlic & Butter grilled Lobster – The aroma are jsut amazing. lobster texture are fresh and little bit chewy. Seasoning are well balance. I just wish they gave more butter sauce to have with a rice.


Pad Cha Scallops – The size and texture of scallops are good. However, the seasoning are lacking which leads to some bland taste which could be more spicy. Quite disappointing.


Grilled shrimp – Overcooked and the texture was too dry. Moreover, shrimp oil in the head are all gone T_T


Omelette – Oily in texture. this plate pass the standard. Nothing more than that.


Luke’s Lobster

Restaurant: Luke’s Lobster
Menu: Lobster roll (US)
Address: 5-3-16 Hiroo Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Business hours:
[Monday – Friday] 11: 00-16: 00 17: 00-21: 00
[Saturday, Sunday and public holidays] 11: 00 ~ 21: 00
Location: Tokyo, Japan


Hello, today I am going to review not so traditional Japanese food in Tokyo. It is US originate cuisine. Well, I’m sure you guys know since the name of restaurant have lobster on it lol. Our destination is a place near Hiro-o station.

I have arrived at 11:00 AM which is the opening time of restaurant on rainy holiday season. Not many people show up and the place could hold about 5 bar seats seems not so convenient for a long lazy meal


Lobster roll (US) & French fries
Large quantity of French fries and one whole pickle.


Personally, I have never tasted lobster roll in US and I don’t know the real taste. Lobster texture are firm and well-seasoned and not too salty. The bread is still moderate (I was hoping for more crunch and crust texture)


Followed by Croquantchou (similar to choux cream) from Zaku Zaku store in Harajuku. Creamy fillings and crispy outside. I recommend tasting at the place since take home would make it soggy and fillings could leak out.