Jae Dum


Jae Dum is a Thai restaurant located near Klong 10 in Pathumthani area. The place is quite popular. I arrived at the restaurant around 3 pm which still have some customers. There are so many photos of recently visited customers and celebrity all around in the restaurant.


Fried Clown knife fish with garlic. This dish consists of crispy texture of knife fish. Quite delicious ,however beware of little bone when enjoying this dish.


Fish cake from Clown knife fish. The is one of the recommended menu of the place. The texture are well-blended and curry paste seasoning are so balanced which sends this dish to one of the best chewy fish cake in my life.


Asian redtail catfish Tom Yum. Hot and spicy tom yum which gives you boost and appetite are well suited with others dish with a side of rice.


Fried Snapper with fermented fish sauce. Crispy snapper with saltiness from fermented fish sauce makes one the most enjoyable combination ever.


Garlic shrimp. The texture are so fresh with orange color garlic sauce goes so well with the rice.


Grilled river shrimp. The texture of shrimp are so soft and fresh. Personally, I prefer eating with spicy seafood sauce then blend the pure goodness of shrimp oil with rice as climax of this meal.