Honke Owariya

Restaurant: Honke Owariya 「本家尾張屋」
Menu: Soba & Tempura set
Address: 322, Niomontsukinukecho, Nakagyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 604-0841, Japan
Business hours: 11:00 to 19:00 (last order 18:30) *sweets sale from 9:00

Ohaiyo Gozaimasu! (Good morning) It’s autumn season all around in different region in Japan. I have been traveling to Kansai region in order to experience different aspect of Japan culture starting from my first destination, Kyoto.


Kyoto is an ancient town with rich and mysterious over thousand years as Japan’s former capital city leading to our first destination as Soba restaurant with nearly 550 years of history. Personally, 550 years history are quite impressive for me and I am quite excited to experience my dining experience in this restaurant.


I arrived at the restaurant around 6:00 PM on weekday and it’s quite dark already at that moment. From the first glance, I could feel that the place is quite ancient with full of history. Then I proceed into the restaurant.


I was greeted by the waitress which I was seated right away in the 1st floor. There are also 2nd floor table. The first thing I recognized was since the place started as a confectionery shop, they still retain their heritage and still sell confectionery at the front of the store.


They also provide English menu. I ordered Soba set with tempura and added larger Soba portion.


My meal arrived shortly after the order. I could notice that the texture of soba are so refined and delicate since the restaurant has been perfecting their skills on confectionery and applied to Soba crafting skills. Zaru Soba (Dipping soba into the sauce) shows that the soba texture was so smooth and kept me on eating. In addition, the dipping sauce are also well seasoned and not too salty resulting in one of the most satisfying meal.


Tempura texture are not too oily and retains crispiness. The quality is great and enjoyable. however, it’s still pale comparison to extraordinary Soba.


Finished my meal with great satisfaction. For me, Soba is a great experience in Japanese cuisine and healthy meal since it does not give the overload feeling after the meal like Ramen.


Then I proceed to Gion district in the night. Gion is a well harmony between past and present which is one of my favorite place in Kyoto. That’s all for my review. Personally, I think the place is worth visiting for their ancient and refined Soba skill. See you next later and hope you have a wonderful day 😊



Restaurant: Torihanayuki (鳥花雪)
Menu: Soba & Tempura set
Address: Jozankei hot spring East 2-94-1
Business hours: [April – November] 10: 00 ~ 21: 00


Konnichiwa! It’s autumn season in Hokkaido. That’s means foliage watching is a must not miss activity. This time I went to Jonzakei which is located about 1 hours driving from Sapporo. Jozankei is a famous town for Onsen in Hokkaido.


I arrived at the restaurant about 10:50 AM. Ten minutes after that, the place just filled with parked cars and people starts lining around. Seems like a rush for a lunch.


I went with a Tempura and Soba set (1,150 Yen).


Shrimp tempura is one of the best. The texture of shrimp is firm and sweet. Soba texture is also consistent.


Hoheikyo dam

That’s all for this review. Personally, I think this place one of the hidden gems in Jozankei. Don’t forget to prepare some time to avoid lunch rush. See you later and hope you have a wonderful day 😊.