Rising Yakiniku

It’s a new year season which means celebration and party festival are just around the corner. My memory of new year always filled with lots of memorable conversation with good cuisine and beverages. I went to a premium Yakiniku restaurant with a groups of friends from my high school. I would like to give my appreciation for all followers of my blog and hope you have a wonderful and healthy year in 2019 🙂

Pricing are ranges from 599, 1199 and 1499 THB for buffet style and that doesn’t include drinks, Vat and service charge. We went for 1499 THB since we would like to know what luxurious items the place has to offer.

Preparing for the meal with Thai style Yakiniku sauce by adding lime, chili and crunched garlic.

Starting off with premium Premium Beef Tongue. Came in shape similar to famous Sendai Beef Tongue and taste insanely good with salt and little pinch of lime. Make sure you don’t overcook it.

Seasonal Japanese Scallops – Impressive size of scallops. Not the fresh like from the sea but still a good and satisfying quality for the price.

Wagyu Rib Loin – Balance amount of Wagyu goodness with a decent softness.

Taraba Crab – Since Thailand doesn’t have a cool sea environment, Taraba are surely rare and often frozen. The texture are still sweet and good though just don’t expect crazy fresh quality like from a fish market.

Wagyu Karubi – Karubi are often seen as special menu in wide variety of Yakiniku place due to its softness texture. Good Karubi texture but, still some piece are too slim.

Premium Wagyu Loin – Beautiful marble texture. The texture are moderately soft and enjoyable.

Seasonal Japanese fresh Oyster – I haven’t tried this menu. My friends like it so much they go for 2nd round though.

Ended this satisfying meal with Matcha ice cream. Personally, I think this is one of a top place to enjoy good Wagyu/Seafood with controlled budget. Good and fast service and perfect for when Wagyu craving kick in.

Patom Organic Living


Recently stumbled upon an interesting organic cafe with distinct Glasshouse structure in a garden in Sukhumvit area. With some curiosity, I’ve entered the place to further explore the cafe.


The main cafe located in the glasshouse consists of organic bakery, Thai dessert, Thai food in Pinto(little food container with distinct silver color) and organic products which percentages of sales are donated in developing provinces in Nakhonpatom area.


I’ve went for a Kanomthuay 10THB/piece  (consisted of coconut milk, loaf sugar and flour). Having quality dessert with greenery scenery is one of the best way to energize  and relax myself in weekend.


The cafe also consisted of outdoor garden to enjoy a good cup of coffee, tea or cocoa. Gotta say that the outdoor garden are one of the most impressive place I’ve visited.


First time I’ve seen a colorful cactus, so beautiful.




GISMO is a casual all comfortable all-day eatery. The restaurant is located at Sukhumvit 39 Boulevard in the heart of fierce competition of gourmet business in Sukhumvit area. Restaurant’s ambiance are relaxing with lots of greenery the place is not crazy close to each other like some restaurant nowadays.


Similar as amazing decoration, staffs were well-trained and very informative as expected from top notch restaurant.


Since I’m here for some business. I ordered a light lunch BBQ chicken thigh and Fettucine Salmon Cream Gogonzola.


BBQ chicken thigh – Tomato salsa, slaw & sesame 

Chicken are well seasoned and not too sweet as some BBQ sauce. The texture are still crispy and boneless. Tomato salsa are so fresh and green apple salad packs such an acidity.  This was a well-balanced menu for an appetizer.


Fettucine Salmon Cream Gogonzola – Seasonal mushroom, baked tomato, dill leaf & fume Gogonzola cream sauce

The texture of Fettucine are just perfect. Gogonzola cream are not too thick and salty. Still, salmon texture are little bit too dry for my taste.


Clean and well-decorated restrooms.




Personally I have not been to Egypt, still an idea of Egyptian food did excited me. My friend found a place for Egyptian cuisine in Nana which I gladly make an appointment for a new experience in my cuisine journey.

Note: I have never tried authentic Egyptian food therefore, I’ll write my review based on my limited personal experience. Since I am not familiar with Egyptian food. Any suggestion or advice are greatly appreciated.  


I have arrived around 3 pm on Sunday. The place are filled with foreigners with some available table outdoor. Luckily, it is not extremely hot in Bangkok that day.


Pickled vegetables with spicy sauce

As expected from pickled vegetables as an appetizer with extremely sour taste with spicy sauce seems to be a perfect choice to kick start my appetite.


Mixed Mezzah platter. Assortment of green salad, Muttabal, Baba Ghannoug, Hummus, Tahina, Labnah

Personally, I enjoyed top left and middle part since they’re consisted of colorful salads with lots of acidity. I also used them as a dipping for the following grilled plates. Hummus and similar sort of Hummus are quite new for me and dipping them with bread makes quite a good combination.


Flafel platter

I have tried Flafel with lamb fillings before in Beirut and that plate was amazing. I could not say the same for this place though. The fillings were quite dry.


Chicken Shawarma platter. Fine shredded grilled chicken with vegetables and herb

Chicken are full with flavor from pepper and herb. French fries are a plus with crunchy texture.


Mix Grill for two persons. A platter of Shish Kebab, Shish Kofta, Shish Tawouk, lamb chops. 

Mix grill are well-seasoned and full of flavor. I enjoyed the dish with salad dipping as side dish. The texture are still little bit dry for my taste though. The right side bread are just surprising with meat packed fillings.


Bad Burger

ชื่อร้าน : Bad Burger
รายการอาหาร : The Baddest
เวลาเปิดบริการ : 12:00PM – 11:00PM
ที่ตั้งร้าน : Second floor between sukhumvit 18 and sukhumvit 20. 5 minutes walk from BTS Asoke Bangkok, Thailand Bangkok, กรุงเทพมหานคร คลองเตย Thailand
พิกัด GPS : 13° 44′ 3.75″ N 100° 33′ 49.39″ E


สวัสดีคร๊าบ วันนี้ผมมาจะมารีวิวสั้นๆกับร้านเบอร์เกอร์เปิดใหม่ในย่านอโศกนะฮะ การเดินทางสามารถเดินมาจาก BTS อโศกได้เลยฮะ


ร้านอยู่ชั้น 2 แต่พอขึ้นมาละเจอแต่ห้องว่างๆซะงั้น






The Baddest [Chargrilled Australian Beef topped with Bearnaise sauce Onion rings, tomato and lettuce] Requested Rainbow bun

ที่มาลองร้านนี้เพราะตัว bun เลยครับ ทางร้านทำจากกากเพชรทำโดยน้ำตาลกับนมยูนิคอร์น [Joke] เป็นเบอร์เกอรี่ขนาดพอเหมาะพอดีครับ ไม่เล็กหรือใหญ่เกินไป ตัว patty ทำมาได้ Medium rareชุ่มๆดีฮะ รสชาติก็ไม่เค็มเกินไป เพิ่มความกรอบด้วย Onion rings ส่วนตัวขนมปังจะออกแนวชุ่มๆหน่อย คิดว่าน่าจะใส่เนยเยอะฮะ

ตัว rainbow bun เท่าที่สอบถามมาจะมีแค่บางช่วงนะครับ ถ้าจะลองแนะนำว่าเช็คกับทางร้านก่อนจะดีที่สุด


ปิดท้ายด้วย Chocolate lava ที่ร้าน Chu ฮะ Chocolate สะใจดี

เรียบร้อยล่ะคร๊าบรีวิวนี้ ก็ถือว่าเป็นร้านเบอร์เกอร์เปิดใหม่ที่น่าสนใจฮะ ไว้พบกันใหม่รีวิวหน้าครับพ้ม