Nowadays Bangkok have been extremely hot which gave a clear sunny day vibe. One of tradition I remember in Japan is eating Unagi (鰻) in summer period since they believe Unagi improves health and heat resistance. Luckily Unatoto is located close by Bangkok in Sukhumvit 33/1 close to BTS Phrom Phong station.

This restaurant is a branch from Japan which serves affordable Unagi with a twist of Thai additional menu such as spicy Unagi Salad. Unadon and Unaju ranges from 1xx to 7xx THB as biggest Bikkuriju. The difference between Unadon (鰻丼) and Unaju (鰻重) could be observed as Unadon (鰻丼) are served in circular bowl when Unaju (鰻重) are served in rectangular box called jūbako (重箱).

They got me at “Unagi Tempura” >_<

Unagi Tempura [195 THB]

Unagi is a commonly found in Japanese restaurant. Unagi Tempura on the other hand is a rare sight since Tempura and Unagi Kabayaki techniques are considered as complicate cooking method in which each restaurant takes pride in their specialties. That is why I just had to try this one out when I got a chance.

Tempura are served crispy and light with a side of salt mixed with Sanshō (山椒) Sanshō is a deciduous aromatic spiny shrub or small tree of the citrus and rue family Rutaceae, native to Japan and Korea. Unagi provides a sweet and juicy texture inside combine with Tempura and little seasoning, I am quite satisfied with this menu.

Karaage Chicken [95 THB]

Resides on juicy yet not too crispy fried chicke with good seasoning. Would prefer more crispy one but that is just my preference.

Hitsuma Bushi L size [310 THB]

Hitsuma Bushi could be enjoyed by three different ways. First, plainly with rice and Unagi. Second, Mix with Negi and toppings and my favorite way by adding some soup making it similar to porridge.

Unagi are chopped into bite size pieces combined with clear soup makes an simple and relaxing meal. There is also a wasabi in case you would like to spice things up.

Finished my afternoon with beautifully decorated Latte art and petite size dessert from D’Ark cafe.

Jamaican Eatz

Bangkok has officially embraced Summer and it is a wonderful season of sunny day and outdoor experience. I am so excited when I see info about recently opened Jamaican cuisine in W district which is a open space with variety of street vendors to choose from. I have not experienced Jamaica cuisine before. It sounds like a summer sunny chilling kind of food you could enjoy by the beach.

The menu are quite simple with combos of coconut rices, pie, roti, island bean soup, bananas, coleslaw and desserts. I went for a combo plates without banana [280 THB].

The food is served with and extra mini beef pie [40 THB]

Chicken roti are just wonderful. Little sourness just to keep appetizing and some spiciness. Coconut rice texture enchanted with slim coconut odor.

Coleslaw are a decent side dishes. Island bean soup hangs on sweeter kind of soup which is quite a dessert I think.

Chicken and beef pie with BBQ sauce texture are packed with fillings. However, the pastry seems to be too thick for my preference.

After finishing with Jamaican cuisine, my appetizing are still present which I found out a simple Samurai diner serving Karaage chicken (Crispy & Juicy Japanese fried chicken)

The price of chicken are quite reasonable and personally I found that it is one of the best drinking snacks.

I ordered thigh Karaage which came out perfectly juicy and well cooked without any uncooked red meat at all. The texture are overall crispy and perfectly seasoned.

The ambiance are Japanese previous era Yoshoku with Black & White TV and antiques. The waitress are attentive and friendly.

Ended up ordering second order which is so worth it!

Rodfai Seafood


It’s summer in Thailand and I’m going to enjoy my vacation at the beach Woo hoo! Photos are taken from Wan Vayla, Hua Hin (2-3 hours drive from Bangkok) with more than sufficient sunlight in the photos. Jumping into the pool to avoid heat is one of the best feeling ever >_<


ROD FAI seafood is a restaurant located in Hua Hin walking street. They also provide English menu and could communicate in English. The staff are friendly too.


My main target is lobster and here we go!


Garlic & Butter grilled Lobster – The aroma are jsut amazing. lobster texture are fresh and little bit chewy. Seasoning are well balance. I just wish they gave more butter sauce to have with a rice.


Pad Cha Scallops – The size and texture of scallops are good. However, the seasoning are lacking which leads to some bland taste which could be more spicy. Quite disappointing.


Grilled shrimp – Overcooked and the texture was too dry. Moreover, shrimp oil in the head are all gone T_T


Omelette – Oily in texture. this plate pass the standard. Nothing more than that.