Jiufen & Ding Wang Hot Pot

Jiu Fen is one of the most famous tourist attraction in Taiwan nowadays. Famous from an inspired scene from Studio Ghibli Spirited Away. As I traverse around Jiu Fen street with colorful side vendors, it is more enjoyable with Spirited Away soundtrack in my head.

Stopped to take a tea break with Skyline tea house opposite to famous A Mei tea house. Their menu of beef noodles are enjoyable with fragrant tea by the sea view on a clear sky day. What a lovely scenery.

Exquisite Shabu Mala style. Ding Wang is more like a family celebration kind of restaurant rather than all you can eat style shabu place. Mala soup was not too numb for my taste. Amazing A5 Wagyu quality. Not so extensive menu but well executed quality.



Kisso Japanese Restaurant marks its 25th Anniversary as one of the most popular and awarded Japanese restaurants in Bangkok this year. Considering they provide promising quality of dining experience. I grabbed my chance to try out their well-known menu.


The place seems to be casual for a Japanese lunch and the place not fully packed at my visit. As expected from hotel quality service, the staff are well-trained and their service are top-notched.


Sumono Moriwase – Octopus, Hokkaido Scallops, boiled prawn, eel and mackerel in vinegar sauce.

Starting with appetizer with visually stunning and acidic aroma from aroma does enhance my appetite.


Tempura Moriawase 

Tempura batter are light and crispy as good tempura should be. Taraba crab tempura are just lovely with sweetness of the crab and crispiness form tempura batter. Overall shrimp and vegetables are also amazing.


Kurobuta steak

Juicy and succulent Kurobuta pork texture with well-round seasoning as variety of sauce to extend the possibility of flavor. Side dishes vegetables and fried garlic are also worth mentioning as their flavor harmonize with the main dish.


Salmon Nigiri Sushi

Fresh and sweet salmon sushi. I just love how simple and amazing this menu always impress me every time.


Spicy Salmon Gunkan (Salmon and avocado)

Added with spicy sauce with avocado to increase rigidity of sweet salmon.


Aburi Hamachi and Kiwi fruit nigiri, red wine sauce (left) 

This menu makes me felt excited from curiosity when ordering. Combining Hamachi texture and sweetness with refreshing Kiwi and bold red wine sauce makes an incredible options for a exciting meal.

Salmon and Unagi Nigiri with Mentaiko Sauce (Right)

Large Sushi packed with bold flavor of Unagi and Mentaiko supported by Salmon sweetness.


Saba, Hamachi and Maguro (Akami) Nigiri 

Overall fish texture are fresh and prepping quality are visually stunning with enjoyable flavor. The bill came out around 2,000 THB (approximately 60 USD) which seems like a reasonable price for the meal.



Tuang Dim Sum


Starting my lazy day brunch with reasonable price Dim Sum in Charoenkrung area. I arrived around noon and the place are packed with people.


Steamed spring rolls with red pork fillings texture are firm and seasoning were well-balance.


Fried chopped Taro (left) The fillings are consistent and covering flour texture are crispy.  Fried sticky rice (Right) is one of the most enjoyable plate in this meal with sticky outer part and chewy inside.


Ha Gaw could reflect skill and quality of dim sum place as the flour are quite sophisticate to master and this place provide satisfying texture of Ha Gaw flour. Shrimp fillings are fresh and well-seasoned.


Xiao Long Bao for 40 THB is one of the cheapest I have ever came across. The texture were standard but not a memorable one.


Overall, the place is quite nice for a reasonable price Dim Sum in Charoenkrung area. I would still suggest avoiding rush hour since the place are quite chaotic and the seat are quite limited.