31 Degrees by Kad Kokoa

Imagine a place where cocoa and chocolate could be implemented into every menu in a restaurant from drinks, desserts, salads, cocktails and even main course. But there is more, they also included cocoa pod, beans and cocoa juice which could be rarely seen even in a booming period of cocoa in Bangkok. After seeing a blog from The Cloud, I rushed to find out how this idea could be materialized.

Stepping into a seclude area in Sukhumvit 31 as the location and 31 degree Celsius as a crucial final temperature of chocolate production process. 31 degree defines itself as a Bistronomy (Bistro+ Gastronomy) which reflect in their menu of playful culinary experiences. The staff are extremely friendly and also bilingual.

Fried local fish with cocoa pickled veggies. Fresh and crispy fish texture. Still I could felt just a small roles of cocoa in pickled veggies though.

Time for some sweet treat! I went for Chocolate praline rocher and Pineapple chocolate tart.

Pineapple chocolate tart. Curious about how they approach this particular dessert. The chocolate texture are delicate supported by a moderate sweet and sour pineapple resulted in an enjoyable dessert.

Chocolate praline rocher cake are also a yummy treat. I am quite excited about the possibility of this bistronomy in the future and looking forward for a revisit to explore their future bistronomy experiment.

A little visit to Mensho Tokyo Signature Tori Paitan Ramen.


Sukhumvit area contains variety of Japanese restaurant vary from affordable lunch set to exquisite Kaiseki (懐石) cuisine. The term also refers to the collection of skills and techniques that allow the preparation of such meals and is analogous to Western haute cuisine.

Umenohana Solaria are located at Solaria luxurious Nishitetsu Hotel Bangkok. Conveniently next to BTS Asoke with an exclusive junction from BTS station. Umenohana (“Plum Blossom”) was first established in 1976 in Japan specializing in Crab and also later Tofu dishes which I am experiencing Tofu Kaiseki lunch set today.

As I arrived around late afternoon, there are not many guest in the restaurant. I was impressed with the staff services level since they provide such excellent etiquette close to what I experienced in Kaiseki establishment in japan. The ambiance are peaceful with amazing traditional background music which seems like a perfect place for a tranquility retreat from chaotic Sukhumvit street.

Starting off with a contrast between of cold Mineoka Tofu (Left) and hot Steamed Egg custard (Right). Menoka Tofu are cold with delicate texture supported by a fresh citrusy Yuzu sauce. Steamed Egg custard are also enjoyable with delicate texture combined with small shrimp.

Tofu Shumai are presented beautifully with a kick off mustard on top to spice things up.

Yuba Age are Fried tofu blended with steam fish ball which exceeded my expectations. The texture are perfectly crispy without being too oily and seasoning are just perfect. This is my highlight for this meal.

Tofu salad with crispy potato on top, Miso soup, pickles and rice are up to enjoyable level.

Fuku Fuku Tofu are Fresh Tofu served with “Mabo An” sauce which seems like a mild Mapo Tofu version. The main idea is to reflect Tofu natural taste and texture.

Lastly, dessert was Mineoka fruits as a light way to end this enjoyable Kaiseki Tofu lunch set. I would says the place are more suitable for a more formal business meeting with an excellent cuisine, services and ambiance. Also, an adventurous way to experience Tofu base lunch set in a healthy and satisfying feeling at the end of a meal.


After a decent period of Covid hiatus in Thailand, restaurant are starting to reopen their doors again apart from delivery service. Benares is a modern Indian cuisine from affluent area of Mayfair, United Kingdom which has opened their first branch in Bangkok since 2019. Firstly, the ambiance are luxurious and classic with black and gold theme which seems like a perfect fit for a special occasion. Staffs are friendly, attentive and knowledgeable about their extensive menu.

Let’s start with Hot Kaadha.
An Immunity Booster Drink With Organic
Spices & with a Hint Of Jaggery,
{Served Piping Hot}

Tarbooz Kachumber Salad
Vanilla & Mint Marinated Watermelon Salad
With Cucumber Swirls , Rocket Leaves ,
Roasted Yellow Pepper & Dahi Phucka

A refreshing way to start a meal. Dahi Phucka commonly served in street as a explosion of flavor in your mouth. Combination of Watermelon salad and Cucumber Swirls are a perfect way to reduce the heat from curry and spices from non-vegeterian platter.

Non-Veg. Platter
Chicken Tikka, Lamb Seekh kebab,
Fish Tikka, Tandoori Prawns Served
With Thin Crispy Flavored Bread

Spectacular presentation of non-vegetarian platter. Tandoori prawns are a great contrast between sweetness from prawn with hot heat from Tandoori flavor. Fish Tikka, chicken Tikka and Seekh kebab are also enjoyable.

Classic Butter Chicken

One of the smoothest butter chicken I have ever had. Chicken are juicy and flavorful with a punch of spiciness. A perfect aromatic match for Naan or Pilau rice.

Paneer Sandesh
Cottage Cheese Slabs Stuffed With
Figs & Nuts, Lime Cashew Marinade

Paneer texture are smooth and the odor are quite mild.

Olive & Cheese Naan

Aromatic and served as a great combination with butter chicken curry.

Valhorna Manjeri & White Chocolate
Flavoured Phirnee, Almond Chikki,
Raspberry Fennel Leather

White chocolate (green ones) are just on point with smooth texture and satisfying aftertaste.

Gulab Jamun
Our Way Of Serving India’s Most Sought
After – Rose Cheese Cake, White Chocolate
Soil, Almond Saffron Caviar & Frozen Rose Petals

A surprising form of Gulab Jamun, more like a creative twist way to introduce Gulab Jamun in a more exciting way.