Craving for Shabu Shabu with side dishes of Tempura and Sashimi? Newest Shabu place in Thong Lor might have a answer to your wishes. But first, I have to work on my appetite under a beautiful sunny day in Bangkok.


The place is located in Thong Lor 9 & 11 and used to be Kushikatsu Daruma(Kushikatsu brand from Osaka).


I went for a buffet menu with variety of Shabu options including Tempura, Sashimi and choices of drinks.


Vegetables and pork quality are higher than average comparing to other buffet competitors. I noticed limited options seems like a good decision for controlling quality of products. In this round, quality prevails.


Salmon Sashimi are fresh and enjoyable.


Made to order Tempura. This is the first time I tried Tomato Tempura (yeah, Tomato and you’re not hallucinating) Surprisingly, crispy batter with exploding Tomato juice are refreshing and so appetizing.  Shrimp, fish, mushroom and bell peppers are also a decent Tempura.


Curry, Matcha and Wasabi salt for Tempura.


Ended this lovely meal with Chocolate ice cream. I have to comment that the staffs are amazingly attentive with a combination of enthusiastic of Japanese restaurant and service of top tier restaurant. Would love to visit the place again 🙂


Hokkaido Soup Curry Shop


As a former Hokkaido’s residence, sometimes nostalgia just randomly pop up with craving for authentic Hokkaido cuisine. Luckily, there are Soup curry shop in Bangkok which saves give ability to enjoy soup curry without traveling to Hokkaido 😀


Soup curry is a type of Hokkaido curry soup and often served with variety of vegetables along side with toppings such as chicken leg, hamburg, sausage etc. The place claimed that they are the only restaurant in Bangkok that serve Soup curry which means they must be the best in Bangkok since there’s no other competitor lol (Atleast at the time I’m writing this review)


Ordering process is quite straightforward. Choosing menu, soup, spicy level, rice and add topping as you wish. The owner are from Eniwa, Hokakido which is an area close to Sapporo which means I’m getting some authentic experience.


I’ve ordered special soup curry (330 THB) with level 3 spicy level original soup. The aroma of soup curry is quite appetizing.  There are boiled egg, potato, carrot, eggplant, baby corn, lotus root, cabbage, broccoli, green bell pepper, red bell pepper, pumpkin, cabbage and chicken leg. Simply putting, they just throw nearly vegetables in the topping section into the bowl for and awesome healthy meal.


Level 3 soup spiciness didn’t bring enough heat for me. Still the soup is well-seasoned and every vegetables are so fresh which reminds me of high quality Hokkaido locally available products.  The chicken is also tender and paired well with the soup.

They also provide vegan soup curry which I think it’s worth trying for Vegan since all the vegetables are delicious by themselves.


A little portion of Salmon just to cease my Sashimi craving at Uomasa Thonglor 13.


Eat Meats Fest


EAT MEATS FEST is a food festival mainly focus on Japanese style beef, pork and chicken menu. I had an opportunity to attend on Friday 8th, June 2018 which is the first day of event with not so crowded situation. The festival will be held on 8-10 June 2018.


The food price ranges from 15 THB to 499 THB. Starting with my first target, mountain roast beef don (199 THB) from Passion Orange. Serving with generous quantity of roast beef.


Normally, they serve this menu with dark savory sauce in Japan as far as I can remember. This time, they serve the menu in stew sauce with a side of dark savory sauce. The beef texture are soft and not too chewy with a sweetness from stew flavor making the menu more vibrant. Pretty much a good deal for this price with this quantity of beef.


Yakisoba meat roll from TAGOTO (100 THB). You can choose between beef or pork roll. I ordered beef and got 5 pieces of Yakisoba wrapped with beef. Beef gives juicy texture and Yakisoba brings flavors to the menu.


The Chop


Recently visited Helix zone in Emquartier which feels like a spiral tower full of cuisine path for me. The Chop offers all you can eat option for 399+ THB (427 THB net) in Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Drinks are not included. Choice varies from line buffet and cooked per order main course.


Mozzarella sticks

Good amount of cheese. Not so melting though.


Duck Confit

Interesting sauce flavor. Crispy skin could be tinker with a little bit more crispiness. Still a very satisfying plate.


Fish & Chips

Crispy and not too oiliness. Well-balance flavor.


Prime Angus Tenderloin (200 g)

Beautiful presentation. Juicy and succulent texture with balance seasoning. One of the most impressive Tenderloin I’ve ever had in Bangkok.


Prime Angus Striploin & Ribeye (300 g)

Both steaks are impressive in both flavor and texture. Seems like they know how to cook a good steak. I’ll probably visit again when my crave for good steak appears.


Line buffet

Tender pork ribs. Still, not to juicy and some sauce would make the plate better.


Finished my meal with New York cheesecake, brownies and chocolate ice cream. In my opinion, the place did provided reasonable meal choice with quality food. Would love to visit this place again.

Cast Iron Burgerhaus


Cast Iron burgerhaus is a recently opened burger place near BTS Aree station. Offering burger, craft beer and milkshake which seems like a trend nowadays. Still, hearing about thick cut bacon and dry-aged burger patty sounds interesting for me and I went for a little adventure.

First of all, I always despise tall chair in restaurant which does not feel comfortable and seems like a challenge when intoxicated. (Not sure if it reminds me when I’m young on a baby seat and have no control over what to eat) However, tall table and chair in this place are well-balance with sufficient area so it’s a good experience for me.


Bacon Cheeseburger – Patty, double cheddar cheese, thick-cut bacon, balsamic ketchup

First of all, I look for patty juiciness and seasoning. Both are well-prepped. I would say that the juiciness of patty are quite satisfying for me. Bacon adds a little crunch and balsamic ketchup provide a little sourness kick for appetizing feeling. Another advantage of simple burger is that there is no fall out components and resulted in less messy finished plate.

Steak cut fries with paprika texture are firm and a little bit soft texture. Personally, I like to size the fries like this and paprika is an interesting choice for a flavor.


Onion rings – Good onion rings, a little bit too much for 2 persons from my personal experiences haha.


Pork chops steak (300 g) – free range and herb-fed local high welfare pork

To be honest, the visual of this plate are stunning comparing to my recent pork chops in Thailand. Sous-vide cooked pork chops are tender and firm with well-balance seasoning. Served with Jeaw(spicy) and Chimichurri sauce. In my opinion, Jeaw sauce could be more spicy and it could bring more excitement to this plate. Mashed potatoes are quite enjoyable too.


Overall, the place are quite interesting and the bill came out around 900 THB which seems reasonable for the meal. The staff and owner are attentive. Making this one interesting burgerhaus to visit in Aree.




Sathorn area are packed with numerous office building as one of the biggest growing financial district in Bangkok. With that large quantity of people working around Sathorn create lots of quality cuisine to discover. OLIO express simple and elegant Italian food with casual environment.


Menu range from simple appetizer as Fries to Pizza, Pasta and main course.


Chicken OLIO

Fried chicken with sweet & sour sauce. At first, I have my doubt that the chicken could be too hard & sweet like as many of the place. The chicken came out as a perfect appetizer to prepare me for pasta & pizza. Chicken texture are crispy outside and soft inside. Seasoning of sweet & sour are well-balanced. Would definitely order again when I got the chance.


Truffle Fries with Truffles Mayo

Truffle scent aside, a well-balanced fries with enjoyable mayo sauce.



Linguine are prepped at a perfect texture. Bacon size are thick which reminds me of popular thick bacon size when I’m in Japan. Olive oil proportion are just right and make Linguine not too oily. Topped with balanced seasoning, this menu just became one of the best pasta I’ve had in Bangkok.



Well-prepped Penne texture. The sauce leans toward tomato flavor with olive and anchovy.


TOM YUM Seafood Black Pizza

A touch of Tom Yum spice flavor. Still, the spiciness are still far away for real Tom Yum though. Pizza texture are thin & crispy with sweetness from shrimp, squid and lime sourness. An interesting choice for a fusion menu.


Cheese Cake with raspberry sauce

Smooth cheesecake texture and moderate sourness from raspberry. Added with crunchiness from surrounding bits as an amazing dessert.




Wraptor is a recently opened Mexican restaurant around Aree area of Bangkok which promotes using honey in Mexican food. Getting there is not difficult but a bit tricky since you got to cross the road with high intensity of cars all around. Way to pump those adrenaline before trying new stuff.


The place is full of natural light which is not ideal for a late lunch in Bangkok with excessive amount of sunlight around. Staying there around 2-3 pm is just way too hot for my experience which air conditioner does not help much.

[18/04/2018] The place informed me that they have improved air condition situation. I will observe this statement next time I visit the place.


Wraptor specialize in wrap as the name clearly suggest. Unfortunately, I’m not in a mood for wrap and decided to go with some alternative choice.


The secret of this place is NES classic edition and Famicom mini in a secret corner just to bring you back to 8 bit world while waiting for the food.


Mexican Honey Beef Steak with green Salad

Serving portion seems to be decent. Adding honey brings sweetness with a balance level of sweetness intensity contrary to sugar. The texture of steak are good but, a little bit chewy. Salads and tortilla are standard.


Say Cheese! (Pork)

My friend ordered this because of her cheese cravings. The cheese are well-melted with spice and seasoning. The texture are enjoyable and not too oily. This prove that simple meal could be satisfying and looks could be deceiving. This menu just became my favorite choice when my next cheese craving comes up.


They also have honey in the store in case you’re interested.